Female Impotence – Female Sexual Dysfunction

By | May 9, 2017

Female impotence, otherwise called female sexual dysfunction, is the inability of the woman to give and receive sexual enjoyment. Unlike the male impotence where the penis fails to achieve erection, in cases of female impotence, sexual dysfunction goes way beyond just an erection. Female impotence or female sexual dysfunction includes inability of the female to be sexually aroused, inability of the woman to have sexual desire, decreased or low libido in women, inability or failure of the woman to enjoy the sexual action, inability of the female sex organs to be attuned to sex regardless of the length and intensity of the foreplay and even if sex actually takes place, inability of the female to achieve orgasm.

A recent study revealed that over 40% of females suffer from one form of female sexual dysfunction or the other in their lifetime. This rate of female sexual dysfunction is alarming and might be a pointer to why there are so many divorces and failed relationships since sex [especially mutually enjoyable sex], is very fundamental to marriages and relationships.

Female Impotence Causes

Female impotence can be caused by:

Sicknesses like diabetes and artherosclerosis prevent blood flow to the pelvic region and prevent arousal
Medications for certain ailments
Inadequate or ineffective foreplay so as to heighten blood flow to the sensitive organs
Poor self-esteem of the female compared with her partner
Fear of pregnancy
Feelings of guilt or shame about sex
These are the basic causes of female sexual dysfunction. I have deliberately not mentioned pregnancy, lactation [nursing mothers who are practicing breast feeding] and menopausal symptoms since their effect on female impotence is not universal. While some women are very sexually aroused when in these conditions, others experience sexual dryness and loss of libido.
Female Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms

Symptoms of female impotence include:

Low or non existent sex drive [libido]
Lack of sexual arousal
No or low sexual desire
No lubrication of the vagina or engorgement of the clitoris
No interest in sex or any sexual activity including petting and foreplay.
Female Impotence Treatment
Female impotence treatment is as varied as the causes of female sexual dysfunction. Most causes of female sexual dysfunction can be adequately treated through effective communication with the females by their partners and/or therapists. Understanding and empathy with the females will go a long way to reassure them and bring about the best from them in all areas of their lives including sex and sexual desires. Some other females might require therapy from professionals for effective treatment of female impotence. Some other females might require drugs like topical creams and pills for adequate treatment.